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A list of books I’ve recently enjoyed. As the list shows, my tendency is far in favor of those authors who’ve long since passed away. Why read all the new fluff when you haven’t read the classics? Interesting, because the more I read the old books, the more I realized the new stuff doesn’t really say much that hasn’t been said before.

My goal is to add a brief summary of each book. For now, just a list.

Top Ten (in no particular order)

G.K Chesteron — Orthodoxy

Martin Lloyd-Jones – Spiritual Depression

Andrew Murray — Absolute Surrender

Dietrich Bonhoeffer — The Cost of Discipleship

George MacDonald — Phantastes

C.S. Lewis — The Joyful Christian

Thomas A. Kempis — Imitation of Christ

John G. Paton — Missionary to the New Hebrides

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